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English - Chinese Translations 英中翻譯服務
Chinese-English Translations 中英翻譯服務

We provide complete translation service, including English to Chinese or Chinese to English, traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese, or simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese, for use in websites or in business documents. We can also create your bilingual websites for you, so you can focus on your business instead of spending time to make your website work.


For more information on translation projects or any questions or comments, please contact Jenny at 714-225-3839 or email us at jwangdesigns at gmail dot com.


For samples:
Happy Buddha Reflexology Foot Spa
Solara (metaphysics)





詳細翻譯項目或您有任何問題與意見,請來電洽詢 714-225-3839 或 email 我們 jwangdesigns at gmail dot com 。


Solara (玄學)



Jenny Wang Design