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Re-Collect is a tool for exploring value, curation, and ephemerality
in a hybrid world.


Using Re-Collect, you can organize the collections that you cherish and put anxieties of their future at ease. Re-Collect allows collectors to document their stories and share them with other collectors. Users connect with others who share the same interest, or pass on collection which they are no longer able to take care of.

Re-Collect is the product of semester-long user research in value systems within hybrid life through both a digital and physical lens.

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Meet Frank,

a collector of vintage baseball pennants.

Frank is moving into a new home, and he needs to find a new home for his collection. He cares deeply for his pennants but knows that he won’t have anywhere to display them properly in his next apartment. Frank wants his collection to still be taken care of, but the potential caretakers around him either aren’t interested or are someone whom Frank feels uncomfortable leaving them with.

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Frank was able to quickly set up to obtain a 3-D scan of his collection with the technology of Qlone. Items in the collection are cataloged with not only basic information, but can also be documented on a timeline. This feature holds sensitivity to the life these items have lived, allowing space for photos and stories which illustrate them. 

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When enough scans of items have been completed, they can be easily arranged in different ways to populate the app. When viewing by collection, Frank has full autonomy to arrange his pennants as he did on his wall. 

With one’s relationships with objects the central focus of Re-Collect, an item of the day is highlighted for Frank to potentially return to for updating and reflection.

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Frank sets his pennant collection as discoverable through the global page to be found by a potential caretaker.


Someone like Jane, a baseball card collector, is able to reach out to Frank and send a message asking about his pennant collection. After chatting and checking out how Jane takes care of her collections, Frank might decide that Jane is a suitable caretaker for the future of his beloved collection. 

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// re-collect 2020 is the product of collaboration with Connor Mcgaffin and Andy Qiu

// under the guidance of Wayne Chung


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